IN LAYMAN TERMS - Featuring Cole and Logan Layman
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Tangled, Our Debut Album

Available now!  Visit our store page by clicking on the store tab above.  You can also download our music on all major digital retailers such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon,  and many more.  Our release weekend was amazing.  THANK YOU to everyone who came to one of our shows, watched us on TV, listened to one of our radio interviews, or even just followed us on social media.   We are getting airplay all over the world.  We have received rave reviews from Germany, Australia, Belize, and several from right here in the USA.   Please send us feedback and let us know your favorite song off the new CD.  We would love to hear from you!  Oh, and we are already planning for our sophomore album!

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"I met Cole and Logan at the Pinetop Perkins Foundation workshops in 2014.  Both were playing on such an advanced level that I knew immediately that they were not 'just kids learning to play'.  It was obvious that they had great talent, stage experience and an original personal creativity in their music that most players never achieve. Then I listened to their CD and was blown away by the quality and originality.  They are great now, not 'some day will be'.  It is a pleasure for all of us to enjoy their progress and fine music.  I am truly amazed and inspired."
                                                                               - Bob Margolin, Guitarist for the late Muddy Waters and
founding partner in The VizzTone Label Group